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Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 5: The halfway point

Yet another week gone and Germany never manages to disappoint. School was pretty good, apart from my results in the English test. My results were good for a German student but as someone who speaks fluent English they were a little disappointing. I wish we learnt grammar after primary school, or at least what the various grammar terms were called.
I was sick this week so I missed school on Thursday, this proved to be a good thing as school went until 4 that day. Friday was our last day of school before our 2 weeks of Christmas holidays. Friday night was spent celebrating our holidays with a few boys from our class. We went and saw Skyfall in German. I actually understood the majority of it, I guess explosions and women are an international language. 

Saturday was also amazing with family visiting from Luxembourg, it was so good to catch up and to see familiar faces, exactly what I needed halfway through.
Yesterday Robert and I went to an ice hockey game between Munich and Düsseldorf, the crowd was amazingly loud and passionate. Ice hockey was every bit as violent as I'd imagined it to be. It was amazing.
We celebrate Christmas tonight on Christmas Eve, we will eat dinner, go to church and open presents.
Merry Christmas everyone
Michael :)

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