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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Der Zweiten Woche

The second week was a great one, and it really shows that the weeks are going by rather quickly.

As Michael mentioned the local Döner here is amazing and I highly recommend having one at least once in your lifetime. I have rather become an addict to this local delicacy, jumping when the opportunity to have one arises!
 Last Wednesday we went to Coburg after school where we saw the Vaste Coburg ( a big castle) and ate apparently one of the best wursts in Bayern, which were cooked by burning pinecones if anyone is interested. The next day I was sick ( because the wursts did not agree with me so to speak :P ) but on a positive note the first snow fell in Geisfeld, which was quite an experience for me. 
On the friday we met up with Michelle and her exchange partner Sophie and we shared our experiences/ thoughts of Germany so far which was good ( plus it was good to see another Australian again). Then we went to another community concert ( this time in the Gartenstaat, which is a suburb of Bamberg) and yet again there was plenty of moshing and the pogo to some of Bamberg's finest rock music. 
On the weekend we went on a walk from Geisfeld to another village ten kilometres away, which meant walking thought the forest and on the quiet country roads (remember by now most of the Geisfeld area is covered with snow) which was quite fun, especially throwing snowballs at Tim ;). 

Now that I have settled into life in Germany things should get a lot easier, with now just the language barrier to tackle heres hoping I will improve. 

Will keep you posted

Peter :D

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