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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The fourth week

We are nearing the halfway stage of the exchange. I know Peter and I have said it almost every week but this whole thing is really flying by. School has become a routine and it is easy now. The only highlight for school in the week was going to get Running Sushi. Basically, you pay €10 and can eat as much sushi as you want. I was triumphantly sick afterwards. 
The snow was good this week. On Friday afternoon/evening, Robert, his friend an myself went to Westpark. We went sledding, the snowfall was good so we managed to go down the hills pretty fast. After many hours of sledding down, rolling down and riding a shopping trolley down (an activity I declined to be apart of preferring to return to Australia alive) we decided to build a considerable jump halfway down the slope, this extended out stay by an hour or two and was very much worth it.

The weekend was very much a family one. Meeting extended family members eating a lot of good Bavarian food. The Christmas tree also went up this weekend. Munich is lookin very good with lights and cute little markets set up for Christmas. 
It is getting warmer, no where near the summer of Australia but the snow is melting. We have a slight chance of a White Christmas, we will see how that goes. The odds here are much better than Launceston anyway.

School holidays start at the end of the week. I cannot wait for 2 weeks off. After this week, our remaining five weeks consist of: 2 weeks holiday, 1 week school, 1 week in Berlin with all the exchange students and 1 week more of school. 

Michael :)

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