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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The 3rd week: Cars, Reunions and More snow!

Week three was a great one, with me fulfilling a childhood dream of mine and also reuniting with some of my friends. 

On Wednesday because I liked Adidas my host family took me to the Adidas outlets in Erlangen, where much money was spent on two shirts, a hoodie, some futsal boots and a new back pack. 

On Saturday we had a meeting for the exchange students in Munich and Nuremberg, I went to the one in Munich and Reunited with the co admin of this blog and my besto Michael. Many bro hugs were exchanged. After the meeting when we got to catch up and exchange stories of our stay so far (and make friends with the Hobart people), Michael and his exchange Robert decided to accompany us to a place I had been dreaming of going to, the BMW world and Museum (well just basically their headquarters). We got to see Rolls Royces, Minis and more BMWs then you could poke a stick at, as well as look at concepts and racing legends of years gone by.
After a reluctant goodbye we went with Tim's sister and her boyfriend to have dinner in one of the local Brauhouses where I ate a delicious Sauerbraten and had the best Spezi ever! 

The next day we went to the Tollwood Markets (where Oktoberfest is held) and experienced the local culture, then we spent the rest of the day driving back to Geisfeld, where there was over half a metre of snow waiting to be shovelled away! :P

As Michael would agree, it was a great experience this week to get reunited and bond over BMWs and I cannot wait to see the rest of the group in Berlin!

Ciao Peter :)

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