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Monday, December 03, 2012

Week 2 update: Slides, saunas and snow!

Our second week of Germany is already over. This week went a lot faster for me as I was really getting settled into life here. School was a lot more bearable as I am really getting used to the set up there. I understand maths, chemistry and physics in German which makes me feel a little better sitting up in class. I had my first Doner Kebab this week, as I'm sure Peter can relate, the experience was incredible and we will have to find somewhere in Tasmania where we can get such food. 
Once again, my weekend was full of things I do and see. On Saturday we went to a massive water-park in Erding. It was like a water-park and a day spa all in one and was awesome. We went from lounging in the pool, to going 70km/h on one of the slides, to once again relaxing in a sauna or spa. All the pools were heated, even outside where the temperature was about 2 degrees, the pool was still very warm. So much so that you coul barely see others due to the steam off the pool. 
Today (Sunday), was also good. I went to a classical concert where Robert's uncle played violin. It was very good to see, the music was good and so was the atmosphere. We then went to a Bavarian restaurant which was delicious. 
Oh, I almost forgot to mention. IT SNOWED THIS WEEK! 
Yes, it snowed, not a lot of snow but snow nonetheless. 
I am going to watch Bayern Munich play BATE Borrisov in the champions league on Wednesday at Allianz arena. I cannot wait, I will be good fun.
We will keep you posted,
Michael :)

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  1. Schnee, wie ich ihn vermisse...

    Miss you!