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Monday, November 26, 2012

1 down 9 to go!

It has been a really interesting first week in Germany, I have experienced so much already and I have only scratched the surface.

As Michael mentioned Wednesday was a public holiday, so i had free time to properly unpack my stuff and get acquainted with my new home and family. On Thursday we went into the centre of Bamberg, and I was amazed by all the beautiful building around the city, especially that they were in top condition. We had kebabs, which were probably the best I have tasted so far, and did a bit of shopping which saw me happily walk away with a new Daft Punk t shirt. The next evening we went to a community rock concert in one of the villages in the area, Litzendorf, which involved a lot of moshing and leaving me very dazed at the end on the day.
On Saturday one of the definite highlights of the trip occurred, which was going to my first Bundesliga match which was Bayern Munich vs Hannover. Bayern Munich won 5:0 of course, which included a bicycle for Martinez (which was his first goal for Bayern in fact) and Gomez scoring just 10 seconds after coming onto the field. That match is going to be an everlasting memory in my life and most definitely a major reason for doing this trip.

I will keep you posted on my adventures in Germany.

Ciao, Peter

One week in

My first week in Germany is almost over, and what an eventful week it has been. I started school on Tuesday with school day 8am-4pm, I can assure you I was utterly exhausted by the end if it. As Peter has said, it is very difficult and tiring to learn subjects in German, especially when they are French or Latin. 
Wednesday was a holiday of sorts so Robert and I headed into the city to look around and shop a bit. All the buildings in the centre of Munich are very impressive and unlike anything back in Launceston.
I had two more days of school on Thursday and Friday. Thursday finished at 4 and Friday finished at 2.30.
I have also been training with Robert's soccer team SV Planegg three times this week. It has been an amazing experience to train in an environment so dedicated to soccer. Even the 10 year olds were playing with real precision and purpose. 
Yesterday (Saturday) I went down to Herrenchiemsee, a castle built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It was amazing to see. The interior is so incredibly lavish with gold and paintings. Once again, unlike anything in Tasmania.
This whole experience is absolutely incredible, and I've only been here a week. 9 more to go...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We are here.

After nearly two years of waiting, it has happened, we are finally in Germany

After a tedious 22 hour total flight time with various stop overs in Melbourne and Dubai and two people constantly asking if i had my passport (thanks Michael and Amelia), the dream has become a reality and we are finally here.

After a great lunch with the Wilke family (as well a Tim's sister's boyfriend and his parents)  and more Schnitzel than I could handle we arrived at my future home for the next ten weeks before crashing on the bed so i would be ready for an early start the next day, and my first day in a german school.

My first day was an interesting experience (try being taught latin in german, it's a really good experience folks) and even though the language barrier was difficult at times luckily I have started to make new friends at school which should make my stay a whole lot easier. Hopefully as my language skills get better I will be able to socialise with them  more and have a really good time.

Well thats all from me, I'll keep you posted when i can and tell you more about my fantastic adventures in Germania!



Monday, November 19, 2012

The longest plane journey of my life

Well, I am in Germany now. Getting settled in, it is a bit colder than Australia., something like 5 degrees. The plane over was actually pretty good. If you forget about the delays in both Launceston and Melbourne it was all good. Melbourne to Dubai took ages, we were all separated with random Victorians who were also on the exchange between us. We soon all became friends as we were all in the same boat. 
Keeping occupied on the plane was the hardest part. Watching movies was only so fun. There was also sleeping to be done, but on a plane I only managed a total of about an hour. To make matters worse, I kind of broke the TV towards the end of the flight while attempting to play the golf game. 
Dubai was something completely different. I have never seen so many people. It was really crowded and shiny and new. For some of us Tasmanians, playing on the Travelators was a must and something that went on for the majority of our time in Dubai.
The next plane was very different. We all talked more it actually hit us that we were going to Germany for 10 weeks. Nerves were running high. It all kind of melted away when we got to Germany. As we all saw our exchange partners it didn't matter how we felt before, we were genuinely happy to be there. 

I will keep you posted, hopefully Peter does the same. I am pretty sure I fixed the blog to allow anyone to comment. Please let me know if that is not possible.

Michael :D

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's almost here....!

Hi Guys!

As Michael mentioned in the previous post nothing much has happened in the last few weeks leading up to our eventful trip, we just though that we needed to keep you guys in the loop as we prepare our journey off into the mystical land that is Germany.

With exams coming up there are some added stresses to preparing for our trip, but so far we are trying to keep cool heads as the departure date looms. We hope to update the blog on the Saturday we fly out, and then hopefully when we arrive as well. 

Will keep you posted

Peter ;)

P.S. To those in our fan base stay loyal! The blog can only get better from here....

One week to go...

Hello all,

It has been a while since our last update. I appologise for that but to be honest, nothing much has actually happened these past weeks. Nothing worthy of a blog entry. I will not be surprised if we have lost a percentage of the already dwindling fan-base, simply because we failed to capitalise on the hype 'The Peter and Michael Experience' created (obviously).

Well, it seems our departure date is soon approaching. We have entered a week that will certainly be filled with worry, frantic packing and the constant nerves of what we are about to embark on. Not to mention the fact that we have exams all this week! Luckily for me, I have already packed the majority of my things so I do not think I will be under huge pressures, well, other than exams at least.

We aim to update again next Saturday, just before we leave. After that, we will see how things go.

Michael :)