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Monday, November 26, 2012

1 down 9 to go!

It has been a really interesting first week in Germany, I have experienced so much already and I have only scratched the surface.

As Michael mentioned Wednesday was a public holiday, so i had free time to properly unpack my stuff and get acquainted with my new home and family. On Thursday we went into the centre of Bamberg, and I was amazed by all the beautiful building around the city, especially that they were in top condition. We had kebabs, which were probably the best I have tasted so far, and did a bit of shopping which saw me happily walk away with a new Daft Punk t shirt. The next evening we went to a community rock concert in one of the villages in the area, Litzendorf, which involved a lot of moshing and leaving me very dazed at the end on the day.
On Saturday one of the definite highlights of the trip occurred, which was going to my first Bundesliga match which was Bayern Munich vs Hannover. Bayern Munich won 5:0 of course, which included a bicycle for Martinez (which was his first goal for Bayern in fact) and Gomez scoring just 10 seconds after coming onto the field. That match is going to be an everlasting memory in my life and most definitely a major reason for doing this trip.

I will keep you posted on my adventures in Germany.

Ciao, Peter

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