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Monday, November 19, 2012

The longest plane journey of my life

Well, I am in Germany now. Getting settled in, it is a bit colder than Australia., something like 5 degrees. The plane over was actually pretty good. If you forget about the delays in both Launceston and Melbourne it was all good. Melbourne to Dubai took ages, we were all separated with random Victorians who were also on the exchange between us. We soon all became friends as we were all in the same boat. 
Keeping occupied on the plane was the hardest part. Watching movies was only so fun. There was also sleeping to be done, but on a plane I only managed a total of about an hour. To make matters worse, I kind of broke the TV towards the end of the flight while attempting to play the golf game. 
Dubai was something completely different. I have never seen so many people. It was really crowded and shiny and new. For some of us Tasmanians, playing on the Travelators was a must and something that went on for the majority of our time in Dubai.
The next plane was very different. We all talked more it actually hit us that we were going to Germany for 10 weeks. Nerves were running high. It all kind of melted away when we got to Germany. As we all saw our exchange partners it didn't matter how we felt before, we were genuinely happy to be there. 

I will keep you posted, hopefully Peter does the same. I am pretty sure I fixed the blog to allow anyone to comment. Please let me know if that is not possible.

Michael :D

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