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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We are here.

After nearly two years of waiting, it has happened, we are finally in Germany

After a tedious 22 hour total flight time with various stop overs in Melbourne and Dubai and two people constantly asking if i had my passport (thanks Michael and Amelia), the dream has become a reality and we are finally here.

After a great lunch with the Wilke family (as well a Tim's sister's boyfriend and his parents)  and more Schnitzel than I could handle we arrived at my future home for the next ten weeks before crashing on the bed so i would be ready for an early start the next day, and my first day in a german school.

My first day was an interesting experience (try being taught latin in german, it's a really good experience folks) and even though the language barrier was difficult at times luckily I have started to make new friends at school which should make my stay a whole lot easier. Hopefully as my language skills get better I will be able to socialise with them  more and have a really good time.

Well thats all from me, I'll keep you posted when i can and tell you more about my fantastic adventures in Germania!



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