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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Third week: Tollwood, Bayern and meetings

What an amazing week it has been, definitely my favourite so far. School was pretty standard and went by very quickly now that I've settled into the way things work there. On Monday night, Robert and I went to the Tollwood market. The biggest Christmas market in Munich. It really was impressive and lit up an otherwise dreary sky. We had one of my favourite experiences so far, chocolate döner. Quite literally döner made from chocolate, best €5 I've ever spent.
On Wednesday night I went to see FC Bayern München play BATE Borrisov in the Champions league at Allianz arena. The game was amazing and Bayern won 4-1. The crowd was incredible, much greater than any AFL crowd (sorry if I offended anyone there), it seriously was amazing. Everyone joined in the chants and had incredible passion which made the atmosphere very special.

Saturday was a day to be reunited with my blog buddy Peter. At the meeting we discussed our initial thoughts and shared stories and little things that were different here. Peter's host father then took us to BMW which was very cool to see. I enjoyed looking at all the cars just as much as watching Peter. He was really in heaven there, I acted as a backup photographer for him after his camera died (really should have charged it beforehand Peter, just saying). We had a rather emotional goodbye with many bro hugs and various manly embraces, we will see each other again in January when we go to Berlin.

Sunday was another meeting for me, Robert and I went to the meeting for German students doing the exchange next year. It was wet good to see it from the other side. Robert and I drew on all our Tasmania knowledge and really talked the place up, hopefully we didn't oversell it.

Christmas is getting closer, Munich sure knows how to decorate. The snow is falling at the moment, many snowball fights have been had and one failed snowman attempt.

Michael :D

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