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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A slightly late week 6: Holidays

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lateness of this post. With my blogging companion Peter in Austria and the excitement of holidays it really slipped my mind.

The first week of my two weeks of school holidays was very good. We celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve with dinner, church and then opening presents. The day was very warm, especially for us Australians who were somewhat expecting a white Christmas. It was so warm in fact that Robert and myself went to the park to play soccer wearing shorts and t-shirts.
The next day was a recovery day following the late night before, it was very good to sleep in following the early morning school starts.
On the Wednesday we went to visit grandparents. They live in a little village an hour or so away. We went through old towns on the way with buildings from the 1500s. 
The following day was a shopping day, I got to buy new shows among other things. The area where we were shopping had a Lego shop, it was possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen. 
It was robert's father's birthday on Friday, the day consisted of cleaning the apartment and having a big party in the evening, another late night followed. 
Saturday was another rest day and we were busy getting rest for Sunday. We woke up early on Sunday and went to Austria to ski for the day. This was my first ever experience of skiing so I had a private teacher for the first two hours, after running through the bare essentials of skiing (mainly stopping) I rejoined Robert and his family for the rest of the day. We were skiing on the easier runs but it was still a lot of fun for me. I really loved all of the skiing and will most definitely do it again.

I promise to be on time with the next blog post, I'll tell you about what I got up to for New Years then.


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