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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Weeks 6 and 7: The christmas holidays

Hi guys sorry for the lateness of this post. Because I have been in Austria and just got back a couple of days ago I decided to make a big post on my christmas holidays instead of two smaller ones.

Christmas was a really fun occasion with the whole family with a big dinner on the 24th ( thats when they hand out the presents by the way, not on the morning o the 25th) and then relax days afterwards. We got to see the Hobbit on boxing day and that was really awesome, and then on the friday we headed out to Austria for the next week.

When we got to Ramsau ( the place we stayed at in Austria) we were greeted by Tim's sister and her boyfriend and after a good sleep, we headed into skiing the next day. At this point I had no prior experience at skiing so after a couple of lessons from my host parents I got sent to Ski kindergarten ( yes Kindergarten) for 3 days. The instructor was really funny and nice with lots of tattoos and jokes up his sleeve. After learning the basics of skiing on the next day I went skiing with Tim and my host father  down a slope which was fun ( and I didn't die, much ). On New Years eve we went to a farm nearby the house where the Wilkes used to stay prior to purchasing it where we had much fun lighting fireworks and sliding down the hill on a toboggan. My time in Austria was really fun and I shall someday return to Ramsau in the future.

With Berlin only 6 days away heres hoping that is going to exceed our expectations.

Bis Sp├Ąter

Peter :)

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