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Monday, January 21, 2013

Weeks 8 and 9

What an amazing few weeks we have just had. Week 8 was rather uneventful and I missed school on Tuesday and Wednesday as Robert was sick. I went with Sonja on Thursday to her grade 11 classes. It turned out to be her most difficult day with 9 classes and no lunch break.

Week 9 was Berlin, the best part of my exchange. As Peter has already mentioned the many activities we did I will not go into details. It was really good to finally see other Australians, even if they were from Adelaide. We quickly made friends and it made the week even better. Apart from the planned activities we also had a few afternoons of free time. We used these to roam the city by ourselves. We played train hopping, our new game that involves running to a new train carriage at every station, we tested out our language skills by asking random Germany plenty of random questions. 
A disappointing moment of the free time was going into the Australian bar. As we were the only Australians there we felt a certain sense of entitlement and worth in the establishment. That was until we were fined €5 for being to loud. Quite Unaustralian behaviour there, it's safe to we won't be recommending anyone go there in the future.

It was an amazing week, very sad to say goodbye to our new friends. Only one more week for us here, we fly out on the 27th of January 

Ciao, Michael 

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