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Monday, January 21, 2013

Weeks 8 and 9: More basketball and Berlin

What a couple of weeks it has been! With the end of the exchange approaching it has certainly been quite an exciting experience.

Week 8 was not that interesting apart from seeing a third german basketball match ( which the Brose Baskets won of course) and then the following day Tim had a couple of friends round at the house where we watched a few movies. 

Week 9 was the ever so long awaited Berlin trip. I got to N├╝rnberg at 10:00 on sunday morning where i met up with the rest of my Australian friends, and then at 11 we proceeded on the 5 hour bus trip to Berlin. When we got there I was put in a room with Michael and two boys from Calvin down in the south of Tasmania, Dale and Eamonn. We quickly became friends and dubbed ourselves the Tazzy Boizz. 
In Berlin we saw many attractions like the Reichstag, The Museum Island, the Brandenburg gate, Checkpoint charlie, Sansouci palace as well as the East side gallery where we saw the infamous wall in person. We also visited the Potzdamer and Alexander Platzes (where much shopping was done), the Jewish museum, Madame Tussuads as well as Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where many of the atrocities executed by the Nazis took place.
Apart from the attractions mentioned above we also went bowling, saw the Life of Pi, watched a comedy show, saw the Blue Man Group and partook in karaoke. 
As the week progressed we quickly became friends with the Adelaide group that accompanied us and partook in many fun games with them like " train hopping", chasing people in top hats and having lots of parties in our "party-zimmer". 

When it came time to depart from the Adelaidieans it was quite emotional, because most we would not see again, but I reckon that because of the bonds that were created during the trip, not seeing them again would be unlikely.  

With only 9 more days until we get back to Australia heres hoping that the last week will be a great one.

Ciao, Peter :)

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