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Monday, January 07, 2013

Week 7: New Years and slalom skiing

Wow, holidays went quickly. It's really starting to dawn on my that tomorrow (while Australia continues to enjoy school holidays) I will be going back to school.

We welcomed in the new year 10 hours after Australia with friends from school. Due to the legality, avallability and price of fireworks literally everyone had them. We stood on a large overpass with hundreds of other people at 12am, fireworks were going off from 8pm until well into the morning. Everyone had saved their biggest, brightest and loudest ones for 12. We had a really great view over the city and could see hundreds of little firework shows going on in all directions.

Other activities of this week were also good. I went to see the best parallel slalom skiers in the world as they competed at Olympiaberg, a man made slope right beside the Olympic stadium in Munich. It was really weird seeing winter sports, we generally see these once every 4 years when the Winter Olympics is on.

I also went through the Munich Residenz. An amazingly huge and grand building. Unfortunately many areas had been destroyed in WWII. It was still really great to see.
I also went and saw der Hobbit. Although I didn't understand it all as it was in German I understood enough to follow the plot and to enjoy it.

One week of school before we are all reunited in Berlin for a week of solid exchange student bonding.

Michael :)

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